Notion Creators Kit

Notion resources to learn, create, & sell notion templates.

Notion Pack Includes:

20+ learning resources - to make more advanced templates.

50+ Notion communities - to collaborate, learn and share your notion template.

20+ Notioneers - to learn and collaborate and help each other.

50+ Notion related tools - to add more features in notion templates.

10+ Website to get cool mockups - to be different from the crowd and get more attention.

10+ Platforms to sell notion template - Share or sell your templates with platform you love.

10+ Marketplace to sell and explore notion templates - get more exposure.

5+ Way to make money with Notion Templates.

Opportunities in Notion templates.

What Next? - Don’t just settle on selling templates. Use knowledge and scale more.

Take inspiration from creators - to learn and improve.

100+ Notion templates ideas - to take a quick start.

Notion Course Builders - to start selling Notion related courses.

Notion widgets - to make your notion templates attractive.

Courses - to master notion templates creation

Discounts on Notion related products - to save some money.

Discount on 40+ software and counting. $50000+ worth of saving.

Bonus 🎁

ProductHunt Kit- to get your products in front of to many peoples.

100+ No-code tools - to create side projects.

Twitter growth board - all Notioneers use Twitter. Use Twitter to grow more.

Discountian+ - access to top software discounts and deals - saving of 50000+

Next Update 🤩

Tactic’s used by Notioneers to get their first 1$.

Tips and tricks to get more revenue and customers for your templates.

100+ Notion tools more.

100+ Free notion templates to take inspiration.

50+ Notioneers.

50+ Notion templates ideas.

20+ Facebook notion communities.

20+ Bio link tools.

50+ Discount and deals on Notion related products / courses/ templates/ os/ services/ icons/ illustration/ & more.

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Supply Bundle

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